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Compatible devices

The following device are HyPAS enabled or capable and therefore compatible with our HyPAS Business Applications

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Please note that some applications will not work with all devices.
Please refer to our individual application pages for full compatibility.


cmyk block

HyPAS Enabled Colour MFPs

  • TASKalfa 7550ci/7551ci
  • TASKalfa 6550ci/6551ci
  • TASKalfa 5550ci/5551ci
  • TASKalfa 4550ci/4551ci
  • TASKalfa 3550ci/3551ci
  • TASKalfa 3050ci/3051ci
  • TASKalfa 2550ci/2551ci
  • TASKalfa 206ci/256ci

HyPAS Capable Colour MFPs*

  • ECOSYS M6026cidn
  • ECOSYS M6526cidn
  • FS-C2526MFP
  • FS-C2626MFP
  • FS-C8520MFP
  • FS-C8525MFP
  • TASKalfa 266ci/265ci
  • ECOSYS M6035cidn/M6535cidn


mono block

HyPAS Enabled B&W MFPs

  • TASKalfa 8000i/8001i
  • TASKalfa 6500i/6501i
  • TASKalfa 5501i/5500i
  • TASKalfa 4501i/4500i
  • TASKalfa 3501i/3500i
  • TASKalfa 3010i/3510i
  • TASKalfa 256i/306i
  • TASKalfa 300i
  • TASKalfa 420i
  • TASKalfa 520i

HyPAS Capable B&W MFPs*

  • ECOSYS M3040idn
  • ECOSYS M3540idn
  • ECOSYS M3550idn
  • ECOSYS M3560idn
  • FS-3540MFP
  • FS-3640MFP
  • FS-6525MFP
  • FS-6530MFP

*Note that HyPAS capable devices do not have an integrated hard disc and require an external memory card (CF or SD Card according to the device specifications) to execute HyPAS applications.

Not on the list?

If you can’t find your device on the list, please contact us to discuss trading in your your old MFP

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Featured Apps

  • Mobile Print

    Allows users to print to and scan from KYOCERA devices using Android or Apple tablet and smartphones.

  • Cloud Print

    Ensure document security in Google Cloud Print environments with KYOCERA Cloud Print.

  • Mail2Me

    Simplify scanning from your MFP to your email inbox with KYOCERA Mail2Me.

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