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RSA predicts multi-million pound savings

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The estate management was split across IS and Facilities and in 2008 the company consumed 43 million sheets of paper – the equivalent of 10,000 trees – and 4,100 printer toner cartridges used for general purpose printing.

CIO James De Watteville described the company’s sprawling estate as:

It’s a zoo and it needs sorting out.

Combined with significant problems with servicing and maintenance it was critical that the print estate was brought under control with a strategic project. RSA’s tender was managed by Accenture and incorporated both technical elements on the solution required and also detailed sections on the environmental performance of both the proposed hardware and the vendors themselves.

Sivaraja Sivanesan of Accenture said:

The quality of project services at KYOCERA was very high from the engineers, logistics team and project management. We went through an extensive tendering exercise with RSA and KYOCERA came out near top in most aspects, but the key differentiators were the people and product.

The KYOCERA team knew that a project of this magnitude needed to incorporate as many efficiency drivers as possible to ensure a swift return on investment. Following a comprehensive audit of existing facilities and an in-depth consultation with power users KYOCERA designed a solution that would ensure that each RSA employee had convenient access to their required printing, copying, faxing and scanning facilities. This alone improved reliability, as devices were no longer being under or over-used. The comprehensive management information also provides RSA with absolute visibility and control over its consumables costs, enabling accurate budgeting and financial management of the fleet.

Commenting on the level of management information now available, James de Watteville says:

The information we now have allows us full visibility of the expenditure associated with the network, and allows us to budget accurately for future spend taking into account any changes in print volume or in the configuration of the system.

One of the key areas for improvement was document security. This was addressed with a pull-printing system using RSA’s existing door access cards to create a proximity system requiring users to ‘swipe’ their pass card at the relevant device in order to initiate their print job. This increased document security, eliminated uncollected printouts and as a direct result reduced paper waste.

Paper consumption was also significantly reduced by the decision to set all the new devices to print double-sided, or duplex, as standard. Reducing operational costs associated with the RSA print fleet was achieved by rationalising the number of devices from 1:8 employees to 1:21. This immediately delivered a cost reduction with fewer direct costs (supplies and maintenance) and reduced indirect costs (electricity). KYOCERA’s unique ECOSYS technology also ensured that toner costs for the new fleet were minimised with the elimination of costly cartridges. Reducing the ratio of printers to people could not be accomplished without the support of those who would be affected by the changes.

KYOCERA‘s Global Account Manager Stewart Dudding explains:

Users can react very strongly on hearing that they are being asked to change the way they work. The removal of someone’s personal printer is an oddly emotive issue, so we knew that for the project to be successful, we would need everyone to understand the major benefits that RSA would realise following the implementation of the project.

James de Watteville concurs:

The overall reaction has been very positive. This wasn’t just an IT project, it was a whole business project, and as such every stakeholder needed to be kept informed. Running a communications programme alongside the deployment undoubtedly contributed to the overall success of the initiative.

The results of the MDS project were dramatic within a year, with major reductions in print volumes, energy and paper consumption. Reliability improved significantly with more than 99% uptime in the year since deployment and average time to fault resolution of only 5.4 hours.

James De Watteville confirmed the success of the project:

The cost, productivity and environmental benefits have met or exceeded all of our expectations. We are now at the stage where we can look beyond the initial deployment to identify other print-related efficiency opportunities, such as expanding the deployment to include home-based workers and mainframe printing. The strong delivery partnership that we have engendered with KYOCERA means that we can be confident that our print network will improve continuously as we move forward. Our spend on printing over the next five years will shrink from £7.5million to £2.5million.

Our focus now is to work with KYOCERA to continue optimising the system to ensure that cost savings and efficiency gains continue.


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