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The College partners with Universities in Germany and USA, offering Undergraduate Programmes in Business Management, Business Studies, Humanities and Theology as well as Post Graduate and Research Programmes in Theology from its Bracknell campus. The College has an IT team of two with external consultancy support to look after the large campus which caters for over 200 students, 100 staff and visitors from all over the world.

Significant numbers of students from the USA tend to come over and stay at the College for one or two weeks at a time which in the past has put pressure on the College’s network printing facilities.

Prakash Pilley, ICT Manager at Newbold College says:

Originally Newbold College had a combination of printers all over the place including devices from OKI, Brother, HP and Konica Minolta. It was hard to track the pages being printed and very difficult to work out the overall cost of our printing. We knew the best option would be MFPs rather than printers and we were particularly keen to source a good, fast device that was capable of quality colour printing and yet was environmentally friendly.

We spoke to a range of suppliers last summer and met with many vendors including Toshiba, Konica Minolta and KYOCERA. Of the three suppliers we met, ITQ really impressed us and we realised that their recommendation of KYOCERA devices working with ITQ solutions, including the Safecom’s Mobile Print solution, would be ideal to meet our requirements.

To ensure the necessary security, ITQ recommended the SafeCom system over PaperCut, and the Newbold College team was impressed by the extensive SafeCom demo that ITQ gave.

ITQ also took the Newbold team to another College using SafeCom software and they were able to see how it worked in real-life conditions and gain some valuable feedback. Newbold College installed five large KYOCERA multi-functional devices with one set up exclusively for student use and the other four for staff. Students can buy credit on the KYOCERA TASKalfa 2550ci and the SafeCom software ensures that the print costs are tracked for both mono and colour printing. The students just use their Student ID cards and the KYOCERA machine conveniently releases their printing exactly when they want it.

Prakash explains why this Follow-Me printing works so well:

Previously we had a Ricoh system where people had to type in number codes and that all proved very hectic and rather easy to go wrong when people forgot the correct code to use. Utilising the existing Student ID card on the KYOCERA machines has made things so very much easier for our users.

We deactivated the ability to print from a USB Stick and the duplex printing – unless students specifically request it. If we didn’t have mobile printing that would be an issue but with the Safecom Mobile Print solution, printing on the move from a laptop, smartphone or tablet is very easy and our users just don’t worry about it.

The four KYOCERA printers dedicated to staff use are two TASKalfa 4550ci’s and two TASKalfa2550ci’s. These printers have kept the duplex printing as a standard facility and the Safecom software ensures that everything is quite simply charged direct to the correct department. Prior to installing the four TASKalfas Newbold College had a fleet of 75 to 80 desktop printers for staff.

Prakash explains:

Each office had its own desktop printer and we had a lot of trouble getting the printers off the desks. However with help from KYOCERA and ITQ the staff got to know the features and what the KYOCERA printers were really capable of. They offer colour, they are faster and the prints are very good quality. Our staff have now adapted to using them and they really like them. We took the changeover slowly, within two months we’d removed about thirty of the desktop printers and we made sure to recycle them immediately so we had nothing in stock if thestaff asked for them!

After another four months we took another twenty or so of the desktop printers away and now only very few College staff actually have a desktop printer. It has been a cultural change but everyone else is happy to use the communal KYOCERAs and I email all staff with a report on how much they’re printing which has proved very useful in terms of tracking and allocating print costs.

Newbold College is very environmentally friendly and the innovative ECOSYS design of KYOCERA devices and their toners means that everything gets sent back to KYOCERA for recycling.

Prakash explains:

When the toner goes down to 5% it automatically emails KYOCERA who send replacement toner by next day delivery. This means there is absolutely no effort on the part of the College, which saves us time and storage space. It’s great!

Prakash wanted everything installed and in place by the end of August 2012 so the College was ready for the new Autumn term:

The ITQ team was great at managing the installation project to completion before our students returned. They made sure that the implementation was very straightforward and helped install mobile print and drivers on the printers – it was all very smoothly done.

Prakash adds:

Since the installation the ITQ team visits us at least once a month and we’re always having emails from them. They are great guys, always thinking about what would work best for us. Audrey from KYOCERA is a fantastic lady and always takes the time to explain all about the KYOCERA printers and how to get the best out of them. We have made savings – at a very basic level we print weekly newsletters and used to outsource them to a local printer to produce 500 copies at a time. We can now print these in-house which is a major saving. Our students are very happy using their ID cards to print and my life is a lot easier now without any fears of printer problems.

In IT printing is a major tool for all employees and students and if there is a problem or the printers aren’t producing a good enough quality then we have lots of complaints to handle. The KYOCERA printers have been a real benefit to Newbold College. We do have independent reviews to review our printing and to check if we’re paying too much – I’m delighted to say that our last review was very complimentary about the College and said we’ve made a very well-informed decision.


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Leading students to learn how to think

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