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Switch between device languages with the touch of a button thanks to KYOCERA Language Select. Available languages include French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

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Operating a KYOCERA MFP is easy. But what if you can’t read the control panel’s language? Then it becomes a barrier to performing required operations.

With KYOCERA Language Select, users can easily change the control panel language with just one touch, allowing users in multi-lingual environments to easily operate the MFP in their native language. And to ensure there is no confusion when another employee logs in, the device will automatically revert to the default language as soon as the previous user logs out.

  • Tear down the language barrier between your staff and your MFPs
  • Switch between languages set on the device with one click
  • No training necessary – operation is fast, easy and intuitive
  • Ideal for companies with multi-lingual or multi-national staff
  • Ensure that stuff understand the MFP control panel operation text

Please use the downloadable PDF below to check system requirements and compatibility for this app:

Language Select Compatibility Chart



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